Hypnose & Mars blessed us with 8 beautiful babies ! 
There are 6 rosetted kittens and 2 very STUNNING marble pattern babies.

It is not often that we have marbles born and are EXTREMELY excited to see how they develop.

All the babies have such striking markings and are completely covered from nose to tail in glitter.
"Glitter" is highly sought after in the bengal coats, it presents itself as gold hairs that sparkle!
First pick - RESERVED for Lidia ( Ontario )
Second pick - RESERVED for  Todd (British Columbia)
Third pick -RESERVED for Charles ( British Columbia)
Fourth pick-RESERVED for Robyn ( British Columbia)
Fifth pick -RESERVED for Taira ( Washington State, USA )
Sixth pick - AVAILABLE
Seventh pick - AVAILABLE
Eighth pick - AVAILABLE
DOB: May 16, 2020
Dam: Bastet Exotics Mars ( Brown )
Sire: CH Akeera Hypnoses ( Seal Lynx Point snow )

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